Company Pension Scheme

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The business analytics Company Pension Scheme examines three dimensions necessary for successfully analysing your existing pension systems:

Pension Systems of the Company Pension Scheme

  • Employer Financed Pension
  • Employee Financed Pension

Implementation of the Company Pension Scheme

  • Information and Data Processing
  • Resources
  • Communication


  • General Data
  • Opportunities and Challenges

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Economic and regulatory challenges posed by company pension schemes are being exacerbated as a consequence of the low interest rate environment and the statutory reforms applicable to all market participants, i.e. for employers just as much for external pension funds.

A company pension scheme and all of its facets have to be well administered and managed in order to develop their potential – without unnecessary effort, unnecessary costs, and unnecessary risks.

Use this business analytics to comprehensively examine and assess the level of maturity and implementation of the pension systems in place in the organization. A comparison with the market will allow you to learn where your greatest strength lies and what issue presents you with the greatest need for action.

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