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Designing projects to be efficient

Projekte sind oftmals komplex und vielschichtig. Zeitdruck, viele eingebundene Parteien und regelmäßige Abstimmungen sind nur einige Herausforderungen. Zudem kommt, dass Teile eines Projektes zunehmend virtuell ablaufen können.

Die KPMG Project Experience unterstützt Sie dabei, diese und andere Parameter eines Projektes besser zu steuern. Anhand von präzisen Fragen, die regelmäßig gestellt werden, hilft die KPMG Project Experience dabei, die Qualität des Projektes zu analysieren und zu verbessern. Sie ist sofort nutzbar oder individuell anpassbar und fördert nachhaltig die Zusammenarbeit von Projektteams sowie den Erfolg von Projekten. Durch das Einholen von Feedback aller Projektmitglieder, können Projektentwicklungen frühzeitig erkannt und gesteuert werden.

Coordinating projects more effectively with the KPMG Project Experience


Group of four people sitting at a table

Supporting teamwork


It is key to the success of a project that the project team works together efficiently. Effective coordination and communication among the project participants are factors that have a positive influence on cooperation and the success of the project. To make this a reality, it is important that the team is involved in structuring the project. The KPMG Project Experience allows you to regularly, quickly and easily gather feedback from all those involved.





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Developing solutions


Due to the complexity of many projects, a wide variety of challenges can arise during project execution. This requires solutions that support smooth collaboration and project continuity. The KPMG Project Experience assists in the development of such solutions by gathering regular feedback and pointing out any challenges that have been identified. These can then be addressed in the short term before they can impede the success of the project.






virtuelle zusammenarbeit managen

Improving virtual interactions


Project work in teams is increasingly being done virtually. This development has in many cases had an impact on collaboration within project teams. Virtual interaction makes projects even more complex, as teamwork among team members has changed. In such circumstances, it is particularly important to measure interaction on a continuous basis. This allows measures to be developed to improve teamwork and successful project management.




With the KPMG Project Experience

Selecting your success factors

These factors are key for the successful execution of a project. Put together your personalized set of questions based on the factors below.

Project team proactively participates in innovative ideasproactivity


Resources are used as effectively as possible at all timeUse of resource


The project costs are comprehensible and reasonableBudget


The technical solution is the best way to solve my problemQuality of services


Those involved in the project are sufficiently qualified to carry it outSkills



Desired participation in the project is possiblePersonal involvement


Satisfaction with project and project mannersOverall satisfaction


Presence of neccessary and relevant informationTransparency


Effective cooperation with all project partnersCooperation


All agreements and deadlines are met by the project partnersReliability





Selecting the right KPMG Project Experience version for handling your specific issue

KPMG Project Experience


Scope of services

In the tailored version of the KPMG Project Experience, not only the questions but also the structure and layout can be tailored to your preferences. You also receive a real-time results report that is prepared according to your areas of focus.

Price on request


KPMG Project Experience


Scope of services

The standard version of the KPMG Project Experience gives you access to 4 questions that you can select from a catalog of questions and that address your specific issues. This also includes a results report including visualizations. 


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