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Analyze language with KPMG Communication Analytics

Today, communication fundamentally influences all business processes. The coherent, contextual use of language and tonality is at least as decisive for the recipient as the content itself.

All stakeholders of an organization, from customers to employees to shareholders, are influenced not only by facts but also by their communication.

Whether in annual reports, product flyers, or newsletters, all of these communication channels need to strike the right tone to achieve a specific goal. However, it is difficult to quantify this tone.

KPMG Communication Analytics now makes this linguistic context measurable and controllable, incorporating millions of scientifically collected psychological data and the use of artificial intelligence.

This means that business processes can not only be designed more successfully on a factual basis, but also more effectively in terms of communication. In this way, communication pays off specifically in terms of experience.

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Opens a new view on your communication


Makes the tone of your communication objectively measurable


Offers concrete hints for controlling the tone of corporate communications

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Customer Centricity

Customer Centricity

Optimize your customer's experience.

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Video: Communication Analytics

Video: Communication Analytics

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Use Case Demo

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