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A customer was looking to improve how they serve common requests from citizens such as fixing potholes, removing graffiti, and damaged street signs.

Their current front end distributed work to disparate work management systems including email inboxes. This meant that some requests types are well-managed with fast response times, while others are dependent on employees managing a cluttered in box. Also, citizen were required to download native apps to their devices, increasing the friction to report a simple issue.

By combining a custom, responsive CSM Service Portal designed to meet the needs of the citizens alongside the robust ServiceNow backend for managing the work will increase the accessibility of the portal for citizens and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of city employees.

The city can maintain a basic portal to keep residents informed. From here, residents are able to report issues to the service. When the resident goes to report an issue, they can select or search a series of possible problems to report. The app uses the phone's GPS to pinpoint the location of the report, allowing the resident to override if necessary.

To increase transparency, residents are notified of existing reports at that location. This lets them know the city is on top of the issue. If the resident elects to report the issue, they are presented with a simple form to capture information to help resolve. After reporting their problem, residents can always come back and check on the status.

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