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In many organizations, personnel development is handled opportunistically. Employee abilities and certifications are not stored in a standardized way and are therefore not transparent.

IT managers constantly need to grow the skills of their team but it is hard to keep track of who needs to develop where. The skill data exists in the HCM solution, training courses exist in Learning Management and there is no guidance for what courses can help develop certain skills.

By using the ServiceNow platform to bring together the data from these disparate systems, IT managers can have more line of site into their employees' training plans. In addition, through predictive intelligence the training plans can auto-generate based on the role's demands, employee's existing skill level, and organizational goals.

A manager can quickly see an overview of her team's skill development status and her progress towards quarterly team goals. When she drills into an individual employee, she can see his current progress towards his training goals. NOW Intelligence will take the employee's information to recommend courses that will advance their skill levels. The employee can easily customize the assigned courses by browsing the course catalog from the LMS.

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Data centricity

Central database for all relevant information


Continuous transparency about the current state of trainings


Precise planning of personnel development

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