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Road Incident Response officers are responsible for driving around cities, identifying, and resolving issues that can cause congestion or hazard to road users.

The Road Incident Response operation could come under fire from management, politicians, and the public if it mishandles incidents. Also, without accurate data to report on, it's not possible to argue a case for changes to headcount or budget. Without a modern digital system, new generations will be increasingly harder to hire, and will shun the current paper-based system.

Lowering the time spent on paperwork frees up incident response officers and allow them to more quickly resolve incidents they are working on, and to move onto the next one.

Giving the controller greater visibility over officers in the field allows them to know where officers are and what they are working on, and to more effectively route officers to high priority incidents. The accurate capturing of data in relation to incidents allows insight to be gained and ensures that officers can be present in areas which are more likely to have incidents.

Making use of a consumer-grade Service Portal experience to engage staff, which is deployable to a vehicle-mounted iPad supports capturing of as many incident details as possible (e.g. time on scene, work time, location), straight into a computer system. A controller can see at-a-glance what officers are in the field, where they are, and what they're working on, and offer reporting and statistics to allow measurement and insight.

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