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Many law enforcement agencies and military branches currently manage their fitness testing program via manual processes, using a legacy system that causes many points of friction.

Members are not clear on due dates or requirements. Program managers spend too much time scheduling and emailing. And leadership has limited insight into their team's readiness.

The ServiceNow Platform and Service Portal were leveraged to streamline test scheduling and monitoring. Transparency for unit leaders is greatly improved by leveraging Performance Analytics to present unit level performance data and demand for upcoming testing.

In the demo case, Sgt. Lockhart logs into the fitness portal and is reminded to schedule his upcoming fitness test. He is required to answer a series of qualifying questions to make sure he is healthy enough to take the test. Once qualified, Sgt Lockhart selects a location and date for his test. On the confirmation screen, he can see details about the test or dive into supporting articles about how to prepare and what to expect.

On test day, the instructor can manage participants and enter their results. She can run through check in and review test components. The instructor can jump into any test component to start. During the component, she can quickly enter results. The instructor views the automatically calculated results. Before leaving, each participant needs to validate their results with a signature. Once all signatures are collected, the testing session is complete.

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