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Some organizations have yet to digitalize their service processes. They rely on phone calls with customers to keep them informed about work in progress.

Dealerships have no way of keeping their customers informed about their vehicle progress as it goes through the stages of repair, relying almost entirely on phone calls back and forth as their main point of contact.

Automating notifications for both customers and technicians and allowing them to see the vehicle progress as it goes through the pre-defined stages helps to ensure each customer gets the same excellent experience and is informed through out the process. Providing insights into stocked parts, predictive analytics and vendor information helps dealerships ensure they have everything they need to get customers back on the road in their vehicle as quickly as possible.

Ariana's vehicle needs to be repaired. She is able to track the status of the service, starting with a cost estimate based on a predefined template for her to review and approve. Ariana is offered the option of a loaner vehicle if she needs a way to get around while her vehicle is being serviced. When Ariana drops off the vehicle, Gavin scans the VIN to expedite the check in service. Gavin is assigned, he can view the vehicle's history of repairs and easily access Ariana's contact information. Gavin marks his start time with the push of a button to track the customer billable time. Ariana is notified that work has started, and an estimated time of completion is calculated. Gavin communicates with Ariana directly as he is working on the vehicle. Photo and video sharing enables both Ariana and Gavin to clarify the problem effectively. Ariana is sent an invoice of items including parts, hours of service, cost of each and indicating completion. She can choose to pay via web, mobile or in person at the dealership.

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