Industrial IoT Resilience

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Initial situation

More and more organizations are creating networks of their devices within the Internet of Things (IoT).

Companies are under increasing pressure to deliver a great service at all times to customers using their suite of IoT devices. This includes the efficient handling of incidents.

Integrating with the IoT platform, this ServiceNow-based solution provides contextually relevant information in real-time during an incident or security event. An engineer or plant manager then has the tools to request help, find parts, initiate re-start procedures, and begin security automation procedures effectively and efficiently.

The system provides instant notifications that alert the user to issues anywhere in the facility. From any tablet kiosk, it is possible to identify and pick up an active event, review event details and gain insights into a business impact. Visualizations provide a clear overview of the location of your assets, their status, recent events and potential business risks, as well as customer and financial impacts. Orchestration can automate routine remediation tasks, and when manual intervention is necessary , the system provides clear guidance.

Orchestration completes remediation and kicks off diagnostics. The event is resolved and work is done to prevent future failures, ensuring continuous improvement through proper knowledge management.

Your benefits with our solution


Smooth operations through effective remediation of disruptions


Sustained optimization of processes by integration in the IoT platform


Data access across devices

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