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In terms of sustainable development, it is no longer enough for companies to think and act economically. The ecological and social components must be considered in all work processes in order to ensure future viability, and therefore the HR department also has to contribute to a sustainable orientation of the company.

In addition to ensuring an ecologically conscious way of working, the HR department must cover the growing needs and expectations of employees with regard to the topic of sustainability in order to secure their long-term loyalty to the company. In addition, the pandemic has shown that companies must prepare for constant (unexpected) changes and ensure the ability to act.Similarly, regulatory requirements present companies with a major challenge. Reconciling all these issues with sustainability is difficult for many HR departments.

KPMG solution: Conducting customized workshops to develop a holistic HR sustainability portfolio + communication and enablement plans (measuring success of sustainability initiatives) UKG solution (system-side): HRSD platform (self services, simplify information and communication for employees) Result: Increase sustainability in companies (digital, paperless HR department --> reduction of carbon footprint) + ensure long-term employee satisfaction.

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Digitization of HR documents, processes and information

Shaping HR Services

HR has the possibility to quickly and independently adjust processes,

Cost Reduction

Through digitization of HR processes and services

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Integrate Sustainability into HR

Integrate Sustainability into HR

Create transparency about how sustainable your HR function is.

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Use Case Video

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Contact: People@Sustainability

Contact: People@Sustainability

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