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Today’s workforce demands a digital, personal, and tailored HR experience. KPMG’s Powered HR, enabled by ServiceNow® HRSD, extends beyond leading practices and automation with a business-led, transformative approach to help organizations successfully fulfill these needs. KPMG Powered HR prebuilt assets, enabled by the ServiceNow HRSD platform, accelerates the path to a modern, flexible, and personalized experience across HR and the entire enterprise.

A star employee is transferring to an office in another state. She goes to one place—her enterprise service portal—for all of the activities and information she needs, from securing new office space to making tax and benefits changes. Personalized support is available 24x7x365, with multichannel information access.

People expect interactions at work to have a personal, consumer-like feel that is tailored to their unique role, demographics, and circumstances. To meet the expectation, advanced human resources (HR) organizations go beyond efficient, effective, process-based experiences. They deliver digitized, comprehensive experiences across all areas of the enterprise. These organizations use platforms that connect across functional HR, information technology (IT), and finance areas, and extend common HR information system platforms to deliver personalized experiences that differentiate organizations from their peers. KPMG Powered HR, enabled by ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD), can bring these experiences to life and enable HR for the 21st century.

Great employee experiences sometimes need direct human interaction for more complex issues in addition to the personally tailored interactions virtual assistants can provide for common HR and enterprise-related inquiries. KPMG Powered HR, enabled by ServiceNow HRSD, uses the strength of a platform built to fulfill unique HR needs that can also extend service delivery into departments like IT. The results are enhanced, more organized and orchestrated HR interactions with a thorough, integrated virtual assistant and human support model.

There is a massive shift toward intelligent automation and machine learning in the workforce. Interactions using virtual assistants will likely cross all enterprise functions allowing chat bots to augment human talent by helping negotiate common HR support interactions in a personal and tailored way. At the same time, intelligent automation will likely drive consistency and standardization, and empower employees to get what they need more quickly than ever before.

The strength of KPMG’s Powered HR approach is in prebuilt assets that help kick-start the business value of HR transformations beyond the service center. KPMG Powered HR solutions also include:
  • Prebuilt foundation for interaction using virtual assistants
  • Prebuilt automated workflows, satisfaction surveys, tracking, reporting, and knowledge management accelerators
  • Easy information access through multilanguage, multichannel enterprise portal that integrates with case and knowledge management functions
  • Function integration with HR contact centers powered by major telephony providers.
Our team takes a holistic approach to deploy ServiceNow HRSD that enables companies to use the platform’s full value potential to create a business-first HR for the future. We do more than guide the ServiceNow HRSD implementation. Using a collaborative, Agile approach that addresses process, people, and technology, and considers HR organizations’ business objectives, we focus on high-value employee experience and automation opportunities. This, in conjunction with the core HRSD deployment, results in high value for the organization, often in the same time and budget as a traditional technology-led approach.

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