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Employees are your company’s greatest asset. They deserve a simple, intuitive employee experience like the ones they enjoy as consumers. That experience should cover all the business services they need to achieve their highest potential—and drive the company forward.

Join KPMG and Exelon who share key insights and lessons learned on how they leveraged a minimum viable product approach to implement over 15 applications across the breadth of a ServiceNow platform for their enterprise organization in less than nine months.

KPMG supported Exelon in developing an operating model around service management, unifying their IT with an enterprise platform and agile approach, cleaning up data and processes. Exelon had some ageing technologies, point solutions and manual legacy processes. Our methodology takes disparate finance, HR, IT, facilities, legal and other business services and aligns them into one combined taxonomy, platform, portal, and user interface.

Services implemented included IT Service Management (ITSM), Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD), Organizational Change Management (OCM) and KPMG Powered Enterprise/Enterprise Service Management (KPMG Powered ESM).

KPMG Powered Enterprise Service Management (Powered ESM) enabled by ServiceNow Employee Service Delivery can provide an opportunity to deliver a superior digital business services experience across the enterprise. This is possible because the full ServiceNow NOW platform allows employees to create and “see” into their business services transactions via a simple, intuitive dashboard accessible 24/7. In addition, native mobile capability keeps them productive on the go.

Organizations that use KPMG Powered ESM, enabled by ServiceNow Employee Service Delivery, can expect lower risk, higher value, and a seamless implementation. We combine decades of business, technology, industry, and ServiceNow expertise with experience helping organizations transform processes, technology—and people.

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Software Asset Management (SAM)

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Evaluate the performance and optimization potential of your license management.

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Contact: Exelon's "All In" with KPMG & ServiceNow

Contact: Exelon's "All In" with KPMG & ServiceNow

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