Streamline your software assets

Streamline your software assets

Software licences make up about 20% of a modern enterprise's overall IT budget. In this Software Asset Management use case, we demonstrate how you can take control in the dynamic and complex field of licence management to avoid risks and optimise costs.

Save money by tracking publishers like Microsoft, Citrix, IBM, SAP and Oracle. Keep unauthorised software out of your environment. Identify users at risk of indirect access (SAP).

To this end, we examine the dashboards in ServiceNow and evaluate several KPIs and SAM metrics. We blacklist unwanted software (games, torrenting...) and obtain an overview of several vendors with complex and challenging licensing requirements: Oracle editions and packs, IBM PVU products, Citrix XenApp licensing as well as SAP named users.

Please note that this use case is a brief overview of what can be achieved with expertise and an effective tool. For special licensing questions please contact our team.

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