Digital service bot for public utility customers

Digital service bot for public utility customers 

Over time, the use of chatbots with artificial intelligence has become an important and valuable component of many companies. Whether in customer support or in recurring business processes – for many companies, AI chatbots have become indispensable.

With its holistic portfolio of technologies for the intelligent automation of processes, KPMG has also acquired comprehensive knowledge in this area and thus supports companies in taking a decisive step towards a digital process landscape. This demo case shows a digital chatbot as it could be implemented in the service process of a public utility company.

With the implementation of the digital chatbot the customer gets access to a real-time agent who can solve the questions and problems of customers. The bot is able to respond to the customer's questions in a way that is specific to the address data, for example to update the customer's place of residence in just a few steps. The bot then automatically saves the information in the customer-specific file in the system.

For instance, utility company service employees no longer have to enter the customer's premises to take meter readings. The digital service agent also eliminates the need to wait while on hold.

Alternatively, if the bot cannot answer a question, or if the specified topics do not provide a solution, the customer can also contact a real service agent directly. Since many customers are already being helped by the digital agent, the service center’s workload can be reduced.


The digitalized process has several advantages:

1. Less waiting time. Through digital real-time consulting, longer waiting times can be avoided.

2. Lower process/personnel costs. The more efficient processing of service cases can reduce process times and thus save personnel costs. The workload of the real service staff can be sustainably reduced by the introduction of the chatbot.

3. User-specific. Through personalized registration with the chatbot, the bot can automatically document and store the result in the company's own system.

4. 24/7 availability. The chatbot is available around the clock so the customer can always rely on a quick answer.  

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