Automation of order processing

Automation of order processing

The employee, the supervisor and the purchasing department are involved in this process. This process starts when an employee submits a purchase request.

Once the requirement is registered, the request is received by the immediate supervisor; the supervisor must approve, request changes or reject the request. If the request is rejected, the process comes to an end. If the request requires changes, it is returned to the employee (requester), who can review the comments and make changes. If the request is approved, it goes to the purchasing department, which is responsible for invoicing, selecting a supplier and ordering a purchase.

The purchasing department selects a supplier after receiving the invoices. First, the purchase request is created, which may require approval from the manager. If no approval is required from the manager, then the order can be sent to the supplier. Otherwise, the manager must approve the order. If the order is rejected, the order must be adjusted again.

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