Coupa training and learning materials

Coupa training and learning materials

Coupa is a purchasing platform that enables companies to handle their purchasing in a simple, efficient and user-friendly way. When introducing Coupa in a company, employees must be trained so that they can use Coupa from go-live.

These training materials serve the purpose of explaining and demonstrating the most important processes in Coupa via short instructions and screenshots. For each process, there is a detailed instruction manual and screenshots to follow.

The training materials are user-specific and a basic package contains the standard user roles including the processes "Create a Purchase Requisition", "Approve Purchase Requisitions", "Approve Invoices" and "Create and view reports". In addition to the standard user, there is also the role of the purchaser and the accounts payable department, which include buyer- and creditor-specific processes to follow.

With the help of these training materials, you can independently train your employees in Coupa and share the knowledge within your organisation.


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