Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Control Tower

The BlueYonder Supply Chain Control Tower allows users to visualise the entire flow of goods across suppliers, factories, distributors, retailers and customers. It correlates any events or exceptions impacting supply and demand in real time, giving companies the ability to act in advance.

Taking into account information and real-time data like news and events from all partners, such as suppliers, distributors as well as ports and carriers, makes it possible to monitor and predict possible disruptions.

The Control Tower is also a commonly used platform for facilitating collaboration across the enterprise and external partner ecosystem to resolve exceptions and execute decisions across the extended network.

The platform enables powerful what-if scenario analysis based on machine learning and therefore offers intelligent and prescriptive decision support across supply chain planning and execution functions.

This can lower inventory investment by up to 30% without impacting service levels, increase planning efficiency by 60% thanks to real-time supply chain visibility and significantly reduce lost sales through accurate responses to anomalies and disruptions.

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