Business Analyzer

Business Analyzer

With the advance of data analytics technologies in the recent decade, enterprises are under increasing pressure to adapt their business models and reinvent themselves as a data-driven organization. On the other hand, heterogeneuos legacy IT-Landscapes and intransparent data storage systems are two main obstacles in the road to become a data-driven business. A client has approached KPMG Lighthouse to solve their problem with reporting systems. Because of the above mentioned challenges, the financial and operational reports were unstable, unreliable, and cumbersome to generate.
Our solution was to implement data pipelines to ingest, transform and load the data into a data warehouse in Google BigQuery. The solution makes the data model and transformations performed on the data transparent. Moreover, Google BigQuery enables utilization of modern Business Intelligence tools such as PowerBI and Datastudio.
As a result, the financial and operational reporting became more reliable and flexible. Moreover, the employees are enabled to generate self-defined reports.


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