Cash and liquidity forecasting in Board

Cash and liquidity forecasting in Board


Especially in times of crisis, there are a number of completely different reasons why it is necessary to create transparency about liquidity, e.g.:

  • A company is going through turbulent times, so increased attention must be paid to liquidity development. 
  • Some customers are reporting payment difficulties, which may lead to increased defaults on receivables. 
  • Business development and earnings are heavily dependent on exchange rates and available liquidity.

The challenge:

Accurate monitoring of liquidity for each company, unit or group requires a system that incorporates all relevant information on short-term cash requirements into critical business decisions.

Our solution:

With our approach to cash and liquidity forecasting, expected cash movements are recorded decentrally by the originating business areas in a rolling 13-week forecast. Decisive influencing factors such as cash-ins from receivables or cash-outs due to activities in purchasing, investments or operating cost items are taken into account appropriately. The mapping of the approach in BOARD's technology enables a forecast application that optimally supports its users with digital features from data collection to reporting.

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