Law Enforcement Person of Interest Tracking System

Law Enforcement Person of Interest Tracking System

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Law Enforcement Agencies have multiple point solutions that prohibit them from having all things needed to apprehend suspects. This solution helps law enforcement agencies track Persons of Interest, Agent and Officer information, and improve how POI information is accessed, shared, and searched. Coordinating jurisdiction between cooperating departments is essential, with the goal of safe and organized apprehension of persons of interest.


Officers and agents are given a unified view to capture, store and build relationships between case and person of interest (POI) data. A holistic profile view provides a connected, accurate and effortless way to analyze connections and act on perpetrator information.

An officer's landing page gives them an overview of their responsibilities: Current cases, along with training and equipment. The POI Case view presents live normalized data from law enforcement and court system resources are presented alongside agency records to provide an actionable view for agents. Focus is given to known addresses, family and associates, along with known aliases. A visualization provides a way of tracking relationships.

Supporting and procedural documents can be attached or generated (e.g. a wanted poster), and a warrant can be populated from the record directly, ready to be presented for approval. In the example, a tip has come in that includes a reference to a known alias of the POI, in an old known address in another jurisdiction.

A workflow can be triggered to transfer the case to another district, managing access during the transfer based on defined policy. The supervisor at the receiving office has visibility of incoming transfer requests, and can approve and assign agents, acting on the shared information. Case history is kept visible to keep agents safe and prepared.


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