Workflows for Patient Screening

Workflows for Patient Screening

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Today, patients may notice something that is potentially risking their health and they have no way of knowing what they should do to seek help or what the process would be towards getting useful treatment. Doctors see patients but loosely follow clinical guidelines to make recommendations for procedures.


Understand more of what will happen to patients while they are seeking help and take more ownership over their journey towards a meaningful outcome. This all starts with a standardized screening process for their doctors that leads to a proper recommendation using an out-of-the-box surveying tool that was integrated with a 3rd party, non-specific, HIPAA compliant, health systems of record. Improved patient safety by ensuring patient care gets delivered to those who require it. Having a standard workflow avoids false negatives and facilitates fast determination of true positive to improve efficiency and reduce the number of appointments patients must do in person.
This use case shows a workflow for family doctors screening potential cancer patients. It starts with capturing the patient's information before the screening. The survey has a series of questions for the patients about their behaviors and areas of potential pain. These questions follow specific, clinical screening guidelines and use visual cues to help with understanding severity. Once the screening is complete, the doctor may order follow up tests for the patient. At the end of the survey, the doctor is prompt to see if they want a copy of the results.

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