Industrial IoT Resilience

Industrial IoT Resilience

KPMG teams with ServiceNow to help enterprises find and sustain value in their IT spending. We help our clients cut through complexity to turn knowledge into value. Together, KPMG and ServiceNow deliver transformative solutions with the added benefits of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based platform. This use case is an interactive example of how to transform a customer’s incident reponse processes.


Companies are under increasing pressure to deliver great service at all times to customers using their suite of IoT devices. This includes the efficient handling of incidents.


By integrating with the IoT platform, this solution based on ServiceNow provides contextually-appropriate information in the moment of an incident/security incident. An engineer or plant manager then has the tools to request help, find parts, initiate restart procedures, and begin security automation procedures effectively and efficiently.

The system provides instant notifications that alert you to issues anywhere in the facility. From any tablet kiosk it is possible to identify and pick up an active event, review event details and gain insight into business impact. Visualisations help you to get oriented where your assets are located, understand the status of the affected assets, view recent events and see business risks, customer, and financial impact. Orchestration can automate common remediation tasks and when manual intervention is needed, guidance is provided.

Orchestration completes remediation and kicks off diagnostics. The event is resolved and work is done to prevent future failures, ensuring continuous improvement through proper knowledge management.


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