Automotive IoT

Automotive IoT (Internet of Things)

KPMG teams with alliance partner ServiceNow to help clients cut through complexity to turn knowledge into value. Together, KPMG and ServiceNow deliver transformative solutions with the added benefits of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based platform. This use case is an interactive example of how to transform a customer’s business processes into digital workflows.


The Challenge

As cars become more advanced, we are able to collect and connect to more and more onboard data. Car brands are looking for creative ways to support the next generation of vehicle.


The Solution

Providing customers and support staff visibility into vehicle health, sustainability, upcoming maintenance, and 360 degree vehicle data to help them stay on top of maintenance as well as keep them informed on how their driving and upkeep prolongs their vehicle's lifespan. Additionally providing insights into vehicle information for technicians to remotely diagnose problems and make more informed decisions around stocking repair vehicles, parts ordering, reusability as well as sustainability.

Lisa is the proud owner of an electric vehicle. The vehicle runs regular health checks to highlight problems. Recently, she received a notification for degraded battery health and it's time for it to be replaced. The application prompts Lisa with available technician appointment times and allows her to schedule a visit. Jason, a field technician receives Lisa's request for the battery replacement and adds it to his schedule. Jason has visibility into the vehicles' history and required parts for the repairs. He collects all the parts needed for his day of repairs, scanning them as he loads them into his truck. Soon, Lisa is notified that Jason is on his way to replace her battery and she can track his route until he arrives in her driveway. Jason replaces the battery and any other parts, scanning both new and old parts. He is given a list of parts that can be reused as well as those that are to be decommissioned. Over time, Gina the business analyst, views a heat map of where parts are failing and the negative impact on reviews.

A few months after her repair, Lisa receives a notification that her battery is being used as part of a grid storage system, there is a link to an article that explains further. Lisa is excited to tell her friends about her car battery helping the environment. Gina can see how parts are being reused and receives regular sustainability reports showing the number of reused parts. Gina can also see NPS improvements based on customer excitement surrounding reused parts.


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