The Physician Onboarding Journey

The Physician Onboarding Journey

KPMG’s Healthcare Functional Advisory and ServiceNow’s Healthcare Vertical have been collaborating on Healthcare Industry solutions to solve for the challenges we see in the market, provide best in class industry perspectives, and leading edge technology enablement.

The current Provider Onboarding Journey we see at many Healthcare Organizations where there is an upward progression during the journey as the Credentialing, Privileging and Enrollment (CPE) processes become more complex due to manual paper processes and lack of visibility across the many silos.



The Provider Onboarding process has many steps and crosses many departments. Uncoordinated Network processes regularly include Recruitment, Onboarding, Credentialing, Privileging and Enrollment. Delays in credentialing, privileging and enrollment due to manual processes and limited automation are common.

Often, there is a lack of visibility into timing of activities that vary with cross-departmental dependencies and exceptions. Siloed approaches make it hard to implement enterprise-wide analytics and continuous improvement practices. No clear document management and repository for all the documents involved in this process from both the provider and the organization.



In an ideal Provider Onboarding Journey, Credentialing and Privileging occur in a streamlined and linear process, while Enrollment begins after receipt of enrollment signature pages.  Leading practice is for this process to be completed prior to the Provider’s employment start date in order to avoid delays in the ability to see patients and bill for services.

KPMG and ServiceNow’s solution features a Provider New Hire Portal and Mobile App Experience that enable full visibility into all activities for new hires and hiring managers. Requests are created for departments with the right parameters, at the right time and provide robust support for contextual answers to questions throughout the process.


Benefits for the customer:

  • Streamlined and efficient Network workflow
  • Automation of processes
  • Data integrity and performance metrics
  • Decrease in number of providers who
    are employed but unable to administer patient care
  • Measure and improve new hire satisfaction ratings
  • Analytics to measure success and identify process improvement
  • Easy identification of process bottlenecks during the onboarding process
  • Monitoring and reduction of post Day 1 requests from new hires by getting things right the first time

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