Vehicle Sustainability

Vehicle Sustainability

KPMG teams with alliance partner ServiceNow to help clients cut through complexity to turn knowledge into value. Together, KPMG and ServiceNow deliver transformative solutions with the added benefits of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based platform. This use case is an interactive example of how to transform a customer’s business processes into digital workflows.



As car companies focus on making more environmentally friendly vehicles, the need to connect customers, technicians and businesses to driver and vehicle data will become more and more necessary.



Providing insights into driver behaviors, part health, vehicle and part lifespan as well as manufacturing and supply chain operations and how they affect vehicle sustainability.

In the demo case, a Business Analyst checks her sustainability dashboard to track overall customer sustainability scores and make decisions about how to help customers drive more efficiently. She looks specifically at data surrounding car efficiency and sees suggestions based off analytics to encourage customers to reduce average kw/mi. She creates a campaign to help incentivize drivers to drive more efficiently.

The customer is notified when there are new sustainability challenges and accepts the new challenge. She can keep track of her progress and sustainability habits using her sustainability dashboard. When she completes challenges or reaches new challenge levels, she can redeem points and choose from subscription services, vehicle upgrades, charging credits and more. The Business Analyst receives regular sustainability reports to help her pin point areas of improvement. She sends out a Knowledge Article to help customers understand the benefits of upgrading to a longer lasting tire.  After reading the article, the customer decides she wants to use her points to upgrade. She looks at her available rewards and confirms her tire upgrade.

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