R&D Chemistry Manufacturing Controls (CMC)

R&D Chemistry Manufacturing Controls (CMC)

The alliance partner provides a low-code automation platform that accelerates the creation of high-impact business applications. Many of KPMG's biggest clients and some of the world's largest organizations use the alliance partners applications to improve customer experience, to achieve operational excellence, and simplify global risk management.

The challenge

A large multinational pharmaceutical company utilizes a shared services team to design, execute and analyze results of experiments. This team completes work for many organizations within the enterprise, but relies on Excel-based processes that are impossible to scale. Therefore, the reliance on a single, massive Excel file for each experiment results in thousands of wasted hours due to a lack of visibility, tracking, and reporting.

The solution

With the platform, the company was able to digitally transform their processes to streamline capture and management, improve resource utilization, increase efficiency, reduce waste, increase visibility for better management and unify data and process to ensure proper utilization of experiment results.


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