Google Patient Assistant by KPMG

Google Patient Assistant by KPMG

Built and designed by the KPMG Digital Enablement team, the Patient Assistant uses Natural Language Experiences combined with Intelligent Automation in the Google Cloud Platform and KPMG’s deep industry knowledge to improve medication adherence and patient access to care. All while also decreasing the cost of support for providers, payers and the pharmaceutical industry.

This demonstration is composed of 4 different scenarios :

Discount Card Automation

First, we show how a virtual assistant combined with automation can be a perfect solution for combining multiple backend systems into a unified experience, in this case to automate the process of creating a pharmaceutical Co-pay Assistance card.

Medication instructions & Call Reduction

The use of chatbot interaction can decrease the number of calls to a contact center by making medication information more readily available without complex search, navigation or any human interaction.

Patient Access & Call Center Priorization

Connect patients directly to the caregivers by identifying when a medical question should be escalated to a human. In this demo, the phone will be used to represent the nurses office line and the exact question being asked is communicated to ensure continuity with the patient.

Analytics, Sentiment Analysis & Lean Product Development

Chatbots and virtual assistants can be used to determine which features to build first. Through its open interaction model we can identify which features are most requested by users via logging what the bot cannot react to. This allows us to follow a lean product methodology using analytics to derive what is most valuable to your customers and using sentiment analysis to understand their enjoyment or frustration with the service.




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