Automate revenue planning, budgeting and forecasting

Automate revenue planning, budgeting and forecasting

KPMG and IBM work together to drive value for our clients through the combined strengths, skills, and experience of our people and technology. Together, KPMG and IBM help enterprises implement solutions to automate planning, budgeting and forecasting as well as enable our Audit, Tax, and Advisory practices to harness the power of cognitive computing for clients.

We combine IBM’s leading technology with KPMG’s in-depth knowledge of business processes, sector insights, regulatory, risk, finance, and operational issues to address the challenges of digitally transforming businesses. 



In this guided demo, you play the role of a financial planner who needs to answer a critical question from his manager: if we increase the number of 4G 32 GB phone units for the internet distribution channel, what would the impact on net profit be?

To solve this, you create a book for revenue planning in IBM® Planning Analytics. You have two requirements for the book:

-          It must allow for the comparison of the total product units by channel.

-          It must show the impact of the changes on the income statement.



The solution utilizes IBM® Planning Analytics to automate your planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis processes. It offers the full functionality of spreadsheets while eliminating manual tasks to drive efficiency. The solution processes all your data, and it integrates financial results and analysis with operational plans for faster execution. With a dynamic planning and analytics workspace, you can model information and gain insights, communicate using compelling visualizations, make predictions and perform what-if analysis to test alternative assumptions.

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