Get IFRS 16 Compliant

Get IFRS 16 Compliant

KPMG and IBM work together to drive value for our clients through the combined strengths, skills, and experience of our people and technology. Together, KPMG and IBM help enterprises implement solutions to automate planning, budgeting and forecasting as well as enable our Audit, Tax, and Advisory practices to harness the power of cognitive computing for clients.

We combine IBM’s leading technology with KPMG’s in-depth knowledge of business processes, sector insights, regulatory, risk, finance, and operational issues to address the challenges of digitally transforming businesses. 

The Planning Analytics Solution Accelerator for IFRS 16 is a prepackaged framework that helps organizations quickly reach compliance with IFRS 16. It can help you streamline your lease reporting while meeting the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) 16 leasing standard. This accelerator can help your organization with the following important functions:


-          Manage the entire workflow for lease administration and accounting, from contract creation to expiration

-          Retrospectively analyze data and calculate current and future costs, right-of-use asset value, net present value of lease liability, and more

-          Determine whether a contract qualifies under the IFRS 16 leasing standard using a built-in qualifier

-          Perform multidimensional analysis and what-if scenario modeling to determine the effect that different leasing options will have on the balance sheet.


This Use Case demonstrates how you can create a contract, run IFRS 16 calculations, review the results, manage contracts, and export data for analysis in Microsoft Excel. 

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