IBM Watson AIOps - KPMG cloud monitoring strategy

IBM Watson AIOps - KPMG cloud monitoring strategy

Give your teams a complete and accurate view into any of your IT incidents, no matter where your data resides: With the implementation of new technologies, the introduction of clouds and rapid change, it also requires a higher pace of innovation. To ensure that your IT department, as a success factor, also adapts to this pace and even accelerates, you want to look into Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, which provides complete insights into the performance and health of IT systems and enables IT to proactively respond to conditions in real time. Our experts from KPMG are able in supporting you in your cloud monitoring strategy by using our developed KPMG cloud monitoring framework and help you to integrating AIOps systems. 
With our alliance partner IBM, KPMG offers the integration of the AIOps system (called "Watson AIOps") customized to your business needs.


Gartner Predicts 2020: “By 2024, 30% of business leaders will rely on AIOps platforms for automated insights to drive business-related decisions, as compared to less than 3% today…” With Industry 4.0 and the associated digitization, the business environment is experiencing a shift away from physical systems to software-defined resource environments in all processes that need to be continuously adapted. IT operations is not excluded from this revolution, but should at best be ahead of this dynamic and complex development and play a supporting role in ensuring the functionality of its company's IT-supported processes. However, as you take on this responsibility, the following concerns and risks could arise for your CIO and IT staff with the current automation progress of the IT department:


With IBM's Watson AIOps as well as KPMG's consultation capabilities on your cloud monitoring strategy, an intelligent and integrated IT Opps approach is implemented in your company from the perspective of a continuous monitoring process to support your IT team in managing problems and incidents related to your company's IT-based processes. The artificial intelligence (AI) based solution uses machine learning and natural language processing to provide recommendations regarding problem solving and process automation of IT operations in your organization. With the solution portfolio provided, IT departments have the ability to act neoterically as Watson AIOps draws on multiple data 
sources in real time. In parallel, KPMG's supports you in shaping your cloud monitoring strategy by focusing on monitoring and providing holistic solutions approaches to process functionality, role mapping, service delivery model, performance representation, and governance.

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