Agile Covid-19 risk analysis

Agile Covid-19 risk analysis


At KPMG we work with our alliance partner SAS Institute to sustainably optimize processes. Together we support our clients here in cutting through complexity. The video in this use case shows an illustrative example of how companies can, in cooperation with SAS Institute, set up flexible and high-performance SelfService BI and use analytical components to raise the informative value of their reports.

The challenge

Companies are facing major challenges in view of the increasing importance of data's contribution to value. Besides the effective and flexible management of data as well as their quality, the main question is how to link the findings from data with the value added for the company. The coronavirus crisis highlighted how important it is for reporting to be able to respond flexibly and quickly to new situations and to enable the specialist department to prepare independent analyses.

The solution

SAS Viya provides this option by means of an integrated tool stack and intuitive operation. Efficiency and improvement of the control impulses are of central importance in this regard. Collaboration, user friendliness, efficiency but also the link to powerful analytics are key success factors. Story telling can both supplement standard reports as well as improve analytical capability and reveal totally new perspectives of report experiences.
The video shows an example of how SAS Visual Analytics can support the response to the effects of the coronavirus crisis. The first scenario shows a credit portfolio's situation before the pandemic. The portfolio analysis is broken down by time, industry and region. Subsequently, an external benchmark is projected onto the own credit portfolio by integrating external market estimates. Thereafter the technology enables the analysis of infection numbers according to region and time. At the end a detailed overview is obtained of the effects on the credit portfolio using delta analyses with regard to the various relevant KPIs by time, industry and region.

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