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We are building powerful digital solutions based on your or your customers business challenges. Benefit from the advantages of the no-code technology of our partner BRYTER and let us create a first prototype within a few days. BRYTER is a Risk approved solution and is suitable for internal and external use cases.

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Use Cases

Here you find some possible solutions we are able to build. These examples represent specific capabilities of our technology and are intended to inspire. Any adjustments or combinations of functionalities are very welcome to to fit your custom use case

Contract Management

The automatic generation of documents based on predefined templates enables an integrated contract management. Contracts can be created, stored and presented transparently - all in one application.

Quiz & Survey

After completing a training or learning course, a knowledge check can be created using the survey function. If a certain score is reached, a personalized certificate is generated and provided to the user.

Order Management system

Incoming orders are recorded and stored centrally. The order form can be customized. Depending on the order, automatic e-mail notifications are sent to specific employees. All orders are listed in the order overview.

Approval management

A user creates a request via a form, which is assigned to an area or person along the underlying logic. This person can now approve or reject the request. An automatic e-mail informs the requestor about the result.

Key Benefits

Automation Services are suitable for business processes that run repetitively according to a fixed logic. We develop solutions both for KPMG internal use cases and for customer usage. The applications are deployed at different security levels via myAtlas.

Atlas Reporting Tool

Automation of iterative processes

Repetitive processes within a scope of activities can be automated with the help of intelligent solutions. The process logic is built up with various dependencies using a decision tree and implemented in the digital application. The user's input results in various actions. This allows even complex processes to be automated, as long as a constant logic of the process can be defined.

Secure digital delivery via KPMG Atlas

KPMG Atlas enables digital delivery of applications at the user level. Along the IPG security guidelines, users are provided with the solution in a secure and personal area. We offer various types of security levels from open access via public URL to highly restricted access.

Level 1 Open Access - Level 3 highly restricted
Diagram with development opportunities

Simple, fast and cost efficient prototypes

Atlas Automation Services are based on a state of the art no-code solution and allow an easy and cost-effective development of first prototypes. Using agile development methodology, ideas can be quickly implemented and validated against user requirements

Desktop and mobile optimized

Depending on the use case, it makes sense to develop the solution mobile optimized. Atlas Automation Services can be provided for desktop as well as for mobile devices.

Desktop and mobile view

Selected Projects

Official KPMG DE solution for securely providing audit reports
Request a report

KPMG is auditing customers in accordance to specific certification guidelines. As a result the audited company receives an audit report which is usually made available to stakeholders. KPMG has to ensure that every user getting access to this audit report has agreed to the „Allgemeine Auftragsbedingungen für Wirtschaftsprüfer“.

NDA Management System

With our NDA Management System, NDAs can be easily managed company-wide. The integrated NDA generator creates individual NDAs based on templates that differ depending on the area of application (e.g. standard, supply chain, procurement). A central database allows access to all generated and uploaded NDAs within an organization. Thus, it can be easily and quickly checked with which stakeholders of the company an NDA already exists. The functionality of the NDA Management System can be adapted to any contractual documents.

Quiz with certificate

After completion of a training course, the knowledge imparted is tested with an examination. Finally, the participant receives a certificate with name and score, which is generated automatically with our solution and is available for immediate download. Should the participant have achieved too low a score, a corresponding message is displayed and no certificate is generated.

Atlas Reporting Tool

The reporting tool allows incoming orders to be recorded and displayed in a central solution. Different product groups can be recorded separately and stored in a central database. Through regular data exports, reporting is visualized and continuously monitored using common dashboard solutions.

Application Management Tool

KPMG regularly organizes student events to present KPMG as an attractive employer. Webcasts on various topics are featured there, and students can register for them by submitting their CVs. The registration process takes place via an application tool from Atlas, which on the one hand manages the registrations for the webcasts and on the other hand forwards the applicants' CVs to the relevant employees in HR. Automated mail delivery within the tool allows for easy acceptance and rejection emails, as well as efficient channeling of registrations depending on the webcast topic.

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