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ESG Management & Steering, Future Readiness and Maturity of Digital Products – three exciting digital showcases for getting quick answers to your questions. Can't find your topic? Check out the Business Analytics Finder for an overview of our services.

ESG Management & Steering

ESG Management & Steering

Identify the actions required for a future-oriented ESG management.

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Future Readiness

Future Readiness

Analyze how your organization is prepared for the challenges of the future.

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Maturity of Digital Products

Maturity of Digital Products

Evaluate the maturity of your digital product.

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Digitally accessible services at one location – enjoy the advantages

Extensive expertise helps guide you

As a digital road map, KPMG Atlas provides access to a broad range of tools – from quick checks and demos, all the way up to direct services.


Services that can be accessed easily and securely

Atlas provides you with direct access to KMPG's know-how from various service categories – from tax law all the way up to reporting. Can be accessed anytime in your protected, individual "myAtlas" space.


No-fuss access to our experts

Obtain insightful answers quickly and easily to your questions and assessments on your issues from our experienced KMPG specialists.


KPMG Atlas – Digital services for your success

Direct access to the expertise of an internationally leading audit firm – online! Quick, specific answers to your questions. One central location for digital interaction with our experts. This is what KPMG Atlas offers you.

Our digital B2B platform provides access to a number of analysis tools and a range of content and services concerning your business challenges – as well as access to our firm's experienced professionals. Your benefit: Many valuable insights and the necessary clarity to optimize your business strategies – gladly with our support, of course.

Find the right services for your specific corporate challenges.

myAtlas –Your personal space

myAtlas –Your personal space

Along with chargeable services, Atlas offers also free-of-charge services. Our digital services can be used and managed in your personal, secure "myAtlas" space.

You arrive at your individual myAtlas space after registering and logging on to Atlas, which is tailored to your needs and interests. You can easily find in myAtlas all the digital services that are activated for you. Your personal findings are also made available here. In addition, our services offer you digital touch points to our KPMG experts as well as to professional business communities.


How can KPMG Atlas services support your organization successfully?

KPMG Atlas is the marketplace for digital services. It gives you access to an extensive portfolio of digital products that are available immediately. They will help you to discover potential for optimization within your organization and thereby increase your corporate success.

As a matter of course, all digital services from KPMG Atlas comply with the highest security standards of an audit firm.

With our Business Analytics Services, you can benefit from the many years of expertise that KPMG has gathered and you can perform initial business process analyses of relevant and current matters immediately. An individual results report will highlight specific fields of action straight away.

On Matchmaker, the platform for company disposals and growth financing, we bring together companies of all sizes and from all industries and their potential investors and buyers.

In the Business Insights Zones, you can benefit from experts’ insights as well as interactive tools in the form of action plans and maturity level analyses and have the possibility to exchange ideas with other peers in an exclusively digital space.

In our Use Case Navigator, you will find numerous business software solutions. Software demos and videos use examples to show how standard solutions can assist your organization and initial solution strategies can be developed.

With the Automation Services, iterative processes can be developed and mapped with low-code/no-code solutions in a quick, cost-efficient, and safe way. KPMG Atlas offers digital solutions based on both on-premise solutions and SaaS cloud solutions – this way, you can find the suitable digital product for your organization.

Further services include:

A demo version of the Business Analytics Services can be tested on every product site. To do this, select the desired Business Analytics and scroll down the product site to the “Test” menu.

There are many more services that are also available as an individual demo version and can be ordered on the respective site. These are made available in the secure myAtlas area. You will receive an e-mail informing you of the activation and containing a link with which you can navigate to the digital platform.

For all other digital services, please contact the KPMG Atlas team (Contact) and briefly state which service you would like to test.

myAtlas is a personal and protected access point. As a registered user, you have access to an overview of your activated digital Atlas services and personal results under your personal login.

Please use our login button at the top right in KPMG Atlas.

If you are not yet a registered user, please create a user account first. Click on “Create New Account” and enter your e-mail address. You will now receive a confirmation e-mail that contains all other information necessary to continue the registration process.

If you are already a registered user of myAtlas, you have to log in via the login button and enter the e-mail address you used to register on Atlas. You will then be taken to your personal myAtlas site with your digital solutions.