ESG Management & Steering

Use our Business Analytics to identify your most important ESG criteria

The Business Analytics ESG Management & Steering examines four dimensions that are significant for successfully determining your ESG maturity level:

  • Strategies & Initiatives
  • Governance & Organization
  • Processes & Reporting
  • Technology & Data

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Companies are faced with the challenge of ensuring economic success and reconciling this original purpose with a sustainable ESG value proposition. ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) aspects are now among the top issues on the management agenda of a growing number of companies in various industries. However, it is often difficult to assess the maturity of ESG management and the distance to leading practice examples. As KPMG's ESG experts, we want to support you in making this assessment.

Our Business Analytics ESG Management & Steering provides you with initial insights as to how you can meet the requirements of your stakeholders and ESG regulations.
Business Analytics ESG Management & Steering provides you with a pragmatic analytical tool to find out where you are in your ESG agenda. We use an extensive questionnaire to identify and assess your ESG management's current strengths, challenges and weaknesses.

Benchmarks with your peer group provide you with an assessment of your progress.

The company-specific results help you to better understand the exact requirements of your key stakeholders (e.g. investors, customers and the community) as well as those of ESG regulations (e.g. CSRD, German Supply Chain Act, ESG Reporting, etc.). This understanding provides a basis for sustainable business success and for creating sustainable value for society.
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You can test our Business Analytics for ESG Management & Steering here. This abridged version gives you an overview of the structure and objective of the questionnaire.

If you wish to carry out the full Business Analytics for ESG Management & Steering, please contact us. Our experience shows that individual fields of action can best be identified in the course of a direct dialogue. Our pragmatic workshop approach allows us to work together on solutions and to design your ESG agenda.

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Company-specific benchmarking & KPI recommendations

Once the Business Analytics is completed, you will directly receive a selection of relevant KPIs and benchmarking for your ESG Management & Steering maturity.

Detailed and flexible ESG Roadmap

Based on a detailed report of findings, alternatives for the design of your ESG roadmap are presented along with further courses of action for your ESG agenda.

Sustainable Steering – Study on ESG Management & Steering

Use our Business Analytics to determine what action you need to take for forward-looking ESG management. As a benchmark, our "Sustainable Steering" study gives you the results of a survey of 200 companies from the automotive, manufacturing, transportation & logistics industries and the infrastructure market. > To the download

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