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Initial situation

To achieve sustainable corporate development, companies must reevaluate existing work processes and implement incentives for employees. Furthermore, companies must meet increasing regulatory requirements in the context of sustainability and become more transparent. Customers and stakeholders are also placing greater importance on sustainability aspects of a company's business model.

CO2 emissions in particular are the focus of future mandatory reporting and are increasingly becoming a financial burden due to rising compensation certificate costs. Emissions from business travel constitute a significant share of a company's carbon footprint. On the other hand, the appeal of loyalty programs offered by various transport companies encourages employees to opt for less eco-friendly means of transport (e.g. airplanes). Opposing incentives need to be reconciled to support sustainable business practices.

Using the "Green Miles App" developed with Microsoft Power Apps, employees are incentivized to select sustainable modes of transport for business trips. The cost savings from CO2 compensation certificates can be redirected to finance the incentive program. Communicating the impact of the incentive program to employees in a transparent manner will gradually increase their motivation to reduce CO2 emissions.

Your benefits with our solution

CO2 & Cost reduction

by promoting sustainable business travel and reducing the need for CO2 offsetting certificates.

Improvement of employee experience and engagement

through an innovative, social incentive system.

Competitive advantage

by increasing corporate attractiveness as a pioneer in the field of sustainability.

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