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Find the right answers to current challenges

Find the right answers to current challenges

Change is a part of every business activity and invariably brings with it risks as well as opportunities. In order to meet the challenges of change, there is always a need for an in-depth analysis of the current situation and/or an assessment of one's own organization. Only then can optimization potentials be identified and, as we well know, every good consultation starts with the right questions.

Find the right answers to your current challenges, risks and opportunities of changes to business processes. In order to facilitate easier access to the highly varied issues affecting corporations, our KPMG experts have developed for our clients over 70 different KPMG Business Analytics Services. You can already profit today from the benefits of the KPMG Business Analytics Services:


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Areas for optimization and organizational competence

With the KPMG Business Analytics Services you can reap the benefits of our expertise. We will provide you with the in-depth results of your situation analysis and, based on this, recommendations for action. Regular use of Business Analytics allows you to check individual optimization measures and thus ensure their quality. KPMG Business Analytics Services show you how you can use your organizational competence holistically. Through KPMG Business Analytics Services, you can obtain a quick and cost-effective overview of the areas relevant to your organization. Analyses can be used separately or in combination, before, during or after a project has been carried out and thus provide optimal support.

Your results report

Each of our Business Analytics provides an individual report as a result. This report highlights in detail your fields of action, provides recommendations for direct prioritized implementation and, in a second step, serves as a basis for identifying comprehensive areas for optimization for your organization. Here, too, we are happy to support you with our expertise and advise you on potential fields of action as well as concrete best practice measures. Get in contact with us or book a consultation with our Tailored Services.

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Main Benefits of the Business Analytics Services 


Innovative analyses of
current topics


Customized consulting based
upon KPMG expertise


Easy access to
reports containing results

KPMG Business Analytics Services

Find the right Business Analytics for your requested area or get inspired with new insights.

360° Future of IT

Evaluate the maturity of your IT using our 360° methodology with your business- & IT-Stakeholders.

Cost Efficiency, Data & Analytics, Digitalisation, Innovation, IT Management, Operational Excellence, Strategy, Technology, Transformation

Agile Culture Transformation

Get clarity on the agile maturity of your organisation and derive necessary next steps

Human Resource, Innovation, IT Management, Operational Excellence, Transformation, Value Chain


Use business analytics to find out whether your company is ready to implement a blockchain application.

Data & Analytics, Digitalisation, Innovation, IT Management, Transformation

Business Analytics for Connected Enterprise

Find out if you are a Connected Enterprise.

Cost Efficiency, Data & Analytics, Deal Advisory / M&A, Digitalisation, Human Resource, Innovation, IT Management, Sustainability, Operational Excellence, Risk & Compliance, Strategy, Technology, Transformation, Value Chain

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data & Analytics, Digitalisation, IT Management, Operational Excellence, Strategy

Channel Compliance

Determine the level of compliance maturity in your indirect sales channels.

Cost Efficiency, Risk & Compliance, Sales

Climate Reporting (TCFD)

Assess to what extent climate change is influencing your business processes.

Innovation, Sustainability, Public Sector, Risk & Compliance, Strategy, Transformation, Value Chain

Closing Efficiency


Cloud Technology

Digitalisation, Innovation, IT Management, Strategy, Transformation

Company Pension Scheme

Evaluate your existing pension systems.

Public Sector, Strategy

Complexity Analysis IFRS Conversion

Prepare yourself for converting your financial reporting to IFRS.

Legal, Operational Excellence, Strategy

Compliance Structural Analysis (CSA)

Gain clarity and certainty with respect to the status of your compliance structures.


Contract Management

Structured analysis of the digitalization and maturity level's as-is situation in contract management.

Legal, Operational Excellence, Risk & Compliance, Strategy

Controlling Excellence Benchmarking

Raise the value added by your controlling organization.

Digitalisation, Operational Excellence, Strategy, Value Chain

Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM)

Determine the maturity level of your CREM/FM organization.

Digitalisation, Strategy

CRM Success Evaluation

Find out about the impact of CRM on your business performance!

Operational Excellence, Sales, Strategy

Customer Centricity

Optimize your customer's experience.

Digitalisation, Human Resource, Innovation, Strategy, Value Chain

Cyber Security Gap Discovery


DAC7 Impact & Readiness

Prepare for the reporting requirement for digital platform operators (DAC7).

Cost Efficiency, Data & Analytics, Digitalisation, IT Management, Risk & Compliance, Technology

Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics Navigator

Assess the ethical maturity of data management and Artificial Intelligence practices within your organisation.

IT Management, Public Sector, Technology, Transformation

Data Management Banking (BCBS 239)

Data & Analytics, Risk & Compliance, Strategy

Data Protection (GDPR)

Assess your organization's current level of maturity with respect to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data & Analytics, Legal, Risk & Compliance

Digital Compliance

Estimate the core elements of your digital compliance modularly and company specific.

Cost Efficiency, Digitalisation, IT Management, Risk & Compliance, Technology

Digital Core Banking

Assess the digital maturity level of your IT architecture.

Data & Analytics, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Sales, Transformation

Digital Readiness

The KPMG Digital Readiness Analytics offer an assessment of your digital agenda and initiatives, drawing on a wide range of benchmarks.

Digitalisation, Innovation, Transformation

Digital Services Act (DSA)

Find out quickly and free of charge if your company is affected by the DSA. Receive additional support from our experts if needed.

Digital Transformation Public Sector

Prepare the implementation of your digital agenda and the Online Access Act.

Digitalisation, IT Management, Public Sector, Transformation

Digital Workplace

Digitalisation, Human Resource, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Transformation

Enterprise Service Management

Ensure that your service processes have been set up the right way.

Risk & Compliance, SAP, Technology

ESG Management & Steering

Identify the actions required for a future-oriented ESG management.

Data & Analytics, Human Resource, Innovation, IT Management, Sustainability, Risk & Compliance, Strategy, Transformation, Value Chain

ESG Operations

Get an initial evaluation of the ESG maturity level of your operations area.

Transport & Leisure, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Retail & CP, Life Science & Chemicals

External Personnel Deployment

Evaluate the efficiency and legal security of deployed staff.

Cost Efficiency, Human Resource, Legal

Finance as a Service


Financing Start-Ups

Assess whether you are ready for the next step.

Innovation, Legal

Future Capabilities Check for Enterprises

Determine the future readiness of your business model.

Innovation, Operational Excellence

Future Finance 2040

Assess whether your finance division is ready for the future.

Strategy, Transformation

Future Readiness

Analyze how your organization is prepared for the challenges of the future.


Global Mobility Health Check

Assess the maturity level of your Global Mobility Program.

Transport & Leisure, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Retail & CP, Energy, Life Science & Chemicals, Healthcare
Human Resource, Transformation

GoBD Maturity Analytics

Determine your GoBD maturity level and identify risks which have gone unnoticed.

Legal, Operational Excellence, Risk & Compliance

Governance Integration


Harmonization Accounting & Controlling

Assess the level of harmonization between your accounting and controlling functions.

Operational Excellence, Strategy

Human Resources

Assess your HR function's level of maturity and raise the value added.

Human Resource, Operational Excellence, Strategy

Index Digitalization Marketing & Sales

Determine the current digitalization level of your marketing and sales activities.

Digitalisation, IT Management, Sales, Strategy

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Assess whether your business is ready to go public.

Legal, Risk & Compliance, Strategy, Technology

Innovation Management (ISO 56002)

Use the right structures for successful innovation.

Digitalisation, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Strategy, Transformation

Integrate Sustainability into HR

Create transparency about how sustainable your HR function is.

Human Resource, Sustainability

Internal Audit Analysis

Take stock of your internal audit system.

Cost Efficiency, Data & Analytics, Operational Excellence

IT Risk Management Financial Institutions

IT Management, Risk & Compliance

IT Transformation

Structure your IT transformation in an efficient way!

Digitalisation, Innovation, IT Management, Transformation

KRITIS Crisis Management

Assess which crisis management measures are effective and where you need to act!

Operational Excellence, Public Sector, Strategy

Legal Operating Processes

Analyze the current state of your legal department.

Legal, Operational Excellence, Strategy

Logistics Maturity Analysis

Develop a sense of the maturity of your logistics maturity analysis functions within your organisation.

Organisation & Planning, Operations, TAX & Finance
Transport & Leisure
Cost Efficiency, Sustainability, Strategy, Technology

Major Projects

Is your major project on course?

Cost Efficiency, Operational Excellence, Strategy

Master Data Management (MDM)

Optimize your master data management.

Data & Analytics, Operational Excellence, Strategy, Technology

Maturity of Digital Products

Evaluate the maturity of your digital product.

Digitalisation, Innovation, Strategy

Model Risk Management Diagnostic Tool

Identify potential model risk management weaknesses regarding compliance and practice.

New Work

Use this business analytics to determine your organization's New Work maturity level.

Cost Efficiency, Human Resource, Innovation, Sustainability, Transformation, Value Chain

NextGen Professional Services Reporting

Determine the management reporting potential of your professional services company.

Deal Advisory / M&A, Strategy, Transformation

Optimizing SAP Licenses (SAP LOS)

Cut cost by optimally using licenses and avoiding license contract risks.

IT Management, Operational Excellence, SAP

Potential Capacity SAP HANA

IT Management, Operational Excellence, SAP


Optimize your procurement functions.


Procurement Excellence in Times of Crisis

Evaluate your procurement by means of Scenario Potential Analysis (SPA) and adapt your strategy to potential crisis scenarios.

Operational Excellence, Risk & Compliance, Value Chain

Procurement Public Sector

Cost Efficiency, Operational Excellence, Strategy, Value Chain

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Identify the potential of automation for your organization.

Digitalisation, Innovation, Technology

Sales Excellence

Assess how fit your sales department is for the future along the digital customer journey.

Operational Excellence, Sales, Strategy

Sales Revenues Hospitals

Determine your strengths and weaknesses in the hospital billing process.

Cost Efficiency, Operational Excellence

Shared Service and Outsourcing

Operational Excellence, Strategy

Smart City

Develop an integrated agenda for your city of the future.

Digitalisation, Innovation, Sustainability, Public Sector

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Evaluate the performance and optimization potential of your license management.

IT Management, Strategy

Subsidies Management

Obtain funding in the form of non-repayable grants successfully and sustainably!

Cost Efficiency

Supplier Quality Management

Analyze the maturity level and qualifications of existing or potential suppliers.

Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Life Science & Chemicals

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Effectively analyze and optimize with KPMG Business Analytics

Our KPMG Business Analytics Services are available as the following three options.

Try out the introductory version of our Business Analytics Services free of charge and without any commitment. This provides you with a first impression of the contents included in the extensive analysis as well as a condensed summary of the results. The free-of-charge analysis can help you to outline your next steps. It can also offer a range of solutions to multidimensional issues. Particularly if you don't need a thorough analysis of the details just yet, the free-of-charge analysis gives you the opportunity to quickly get informed and acquainted with a topic.


Is there a specific topic you would like to consider in more detail and derive a deeper insight into? With comprehensive Business Analytics, you have access to a detailed results report. This enables specific positioning in the form of maturity levels, detailed results and deriving relevant recommendations for action. In combination with the results, you can establish an optimal basis for identifying relevant fields of action and rapid implementation. Together we develop the current position of your business. Business Analytics Services also enable a comparison with our KPMG benchmarks and a maturity level assessment for selected topics.


The Tailored option from KPMG Business Analytics Services offers optimal support in the case of especially unique and specific business challenges, as well as specific questions concerning maturity level, situation or progress. With a Tailored analysis, you can receive customized and specific solutions to your business issues. In addition to the advantages of Business Analytics, the Tailored option offers you a presentation of the results customized to your needs and requests. Your Business Analytics Tailored can be customized for the number of participants, language, time period, number and type of questions. Find out more about the advantages of our Business Analytics Tailored Services.