Logistics Maturity Analysis

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The Business Analytics Logistics Maturity Analysis analyses five dimensions of a company that are necessary to successfully integrate logistics perfomance functions in your organisation:


  • Configuration
  • Transport
  • Storage
  • Rear logistics
  • Enablers/Technology

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Logistics is a dynamic and success-critical component of every company. Economic developments and unforeseeable events cause structural changes and result in direct challenges for your logistics processes and networks.

Create the basis for the further development and improvement of your logistics core competencies and resilience within your company at an early stage.
With targeted questions, broken down into a total of five dimensions, you can determine the status quo of your company in about 15 minutes.

Use these business analytics to determine the maturity level of the logistics functions in your company and to identify gaps and needs for action.

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Good to know

What is the optimization of logistical processes?

Optimized logistics allows your company to react faster to customer requirements, reduce its inventory, shorten its delivery times and cut its costs. By optimizing your processes, you can increase the efficiency and profitability of your company's logistical processes and avoid operational turbulence caused by fluctuating external factors. Once your company has durably optimized its logistical processes, you can expect greater resilience in the face of sudden challenges.

Companies can optimize their logistical processes through effective and efficient planning, implementation and monitoring. Logistical processes can be optimized using modern technologies such as:

  • the Internet of Things (IoT);
  • artificial intelligence (AI); or
  • big data analytics and automation.

Improved cooperation within the supply chain can support the optimization of logistical processes and improve material flows. Bottlenecks can be considerably reduced through quick communication in real time with providers and manufacturers.

Logistics benchmarking is when you compare your company's logistics performance with industry best practices and with other companies' performances. The aim of benchmarking is to identify weaknesses and potential in your own logistics and to adopt best practices in order to improve your own logistics performance. Benchmarking is usually divided into:

  • external benchmarking: where you compare your own performance with that of other companies in the same industry or with similar business models; and
  • internal benchmarking: where you aim to compare the performance of one of your locations or one department with the performance of another.

Our range of services includes external benchmarking.

KPMG's Logistics Assessment offers a detailed analysis of a company's logistics performance and maturity. This gives an overview of the current logistical processes, systems and organizational structures, and shows strengths and weaknesses compared to other companies in the industry, thereby helping your company to identify action areas. Our Business Analytics Logistics Maturity Analysis analyzes 5 central dimensions of your company logistics, including:

  • configuration;
  • transport (using transport and logistics benchmarking);
  • warehousing;
  • reverse logistics; and
  • enablers and technologies that allow your company to make business processes more efficient and effective.