Climate Reporting (TCFD)

No company can escape the effects of climate change. The more transparent a company can show the risks and opportunities of climate change in its business reports, the better is the trust of its investors. The recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) provide the answer to this. 

Use these Business Analytics to determine your organization's level of maturity.

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Climate Reporting (TCFD)


Our business analytics in the free version offer you individual added value:

  • Talk through questions from different perspectives
  • Short summary of results after completion
  • Quick orientation/introduction to new topics
  • Develop your own point of view in a structured way
  • Go into conversations/meetings perfectly prepared


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Climate Reporting (TCFD)


Our Business Analytics in the Advanced version offer your organization the following added value:

  • Avoid lengthy discussion rounds and create a quick factual situation
  • Maturity assessment on specific topics: efficient with detailed real-time results report for up to 20 participants
  • Developing a common position: our detailed analysis of results provides clarity and enables benchmark comparison
  • Achieve group consensus/encourage team and staff commitment


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Climate Reporting (TCFD)


Our tailored business analytics in the tailored version offer you additional advantages to those already explained, amongst others:

  • Developing assessments individually for your problem definition and organization
  • Adjust tonality, language and number of participants to your needs
  • Save resources and get answers to your questions in a short time
  • Provide results prepared according to your needs

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