Initial Public Offering (IPO)

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The Business Analytics Initial Public Offering (IPO) examines two dimensions that are fundamental for successfully determining your position on the key issues of an IPO:

Strategic Status Analysis

  • Investment Case
  • Organizational Structure

Technical IPO Readiness

  • External Reporting (Financial Statements)
  • External Reporting (Processes)
  • Internal Reporting, Planning and Treasury
  • Corporate Governance
  • Law and Tax

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Going public (Initial Public Offering or IPO for short) is one of the most attractive options for companies to raise capital, but it is also associated with a variety of different challenges. How can you ensure that your company is fit and suitable for an IPO? What do you have to bear in mind, where is your company already well placed, and what requirements for a listed company have not yet been fulfilled?

By asking 33 questions, these business analytics guide you through the most important strategic, technical, regulatory, and legal (also in terms of tax law) issues of an initial public offering? You will subsequently get a first indicative assessment of how ready your company is right now to go public.

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Good to know

What is an initial public offering (IPO)?

“IPO” stands for initial public offering, meaning your company will offer its shares for trading on the stock exchange for the first time in order to secure capital for itself. A traditional IPO is a long and time-consuming process. But there are alternatives: In a reverse takeover, for example, a private company acquires a company that is already listed, indirectly going public itself.

A company is ready to go public once it can meet specific legal, organizational, and economic criteria for a stock exchange listing. Only the legal framework is required. A listed company must have one of the three following legal forms:

  • Aktiengesellschaft – AG (stock corporation)
  • Societas Europaea – SE
  • Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien – KGaA (partnership limited by shares)

Sufficient financing, strong leadership, and a clear strategy for the future are key to successfully going public. An IPO is a long-term undertaking and should be planned well in advance. Preparing for an IPO typically takes about two years. During the process, investors are brought on board, a prospectus is drawn up, regular due diligence is performed, and investment banks price the shares.

To achieve IPO readiness, a company must undergo various structural changes. Specific requirements apply here, including switching accounting to IFRS. A company can also work towards IPO readiness for the purpose of future security, even if it does not intend on going public any time soon. Using KPMG’s IPO checklist, you can get a first impression of your company’s IPO readiness by answering 33 detailed questions. Experienced KPMG employees will support you through any challenges.

Your company is IPO ready. To ensure a successful IPO, your company must be ready for the capital market, i.e. it must be able to raise sufficient capital on the stock exchange. A convincing business model, favorable market position, and investor demand for your product/service are crucial to success on the capital market.