Global Mobility Health Check

The following contents are covered

Nine key Global Mobility Program areas build the basis for the assessment:

  • Compensation & benefits
  • Cost management
  • Staffing and program administration
  • Global Mobility policies
  • Technology and reporting
  • Payroll and compensation delivery
  • Talent management
  • Data and analytics
  • Third-party service provider management

Global Mobility Health Check – test version

The test version provides you with initial insights into the Business Analytics of Global Mobility. You receive an extract of questions of the complete analytics and immediately obtain an initial individual health check.
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Twenty years ago, the Global Mobility services principally focused on managing the relocation aspects of their international assignee population; the focus often being exclusively on traditional long-term assignment moves, which frequently started and ended in the country location of their corporate headquarters. The scope of services delivered by Global Mobility has now changed significantly and is very much in motion. The logistical relocation of global talent remains one core aspect of responsibility, but the functional accountabilities of Global Mobility teams have developed exponentially in responding to today's diverse and ever-evolving mobility types and global business needs.

Global Mobility services need to carefully consider what their departmental priorities should be, how risks are mitigated, and how best to structure their teams and deliver their services. Many organizations are transforming to become leaner; more focused and strategic; more inclusive, digitized, and automated; and more predictive in their approach. 

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This serves as the basis for asking the following key questions:
  • Where is Global Mobility currently located in your organization?
  • Are Global Mobility and Talent Management synchronized with one another?
  • When were your Global Mobility Policies last examined?
  • Is your payroll functionality sufficient for supporting talent operating globally?
  • How stable is the global compensation collection process?
  • Are global costs tracked and regularly consolidated?
  • What capabilities do you still need for an optimal global mobility function?
  • What are your key priorities?

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