KPMG Business Analytics Tailored

Digital analysis tailored to your needs!

  • Improve your state of information: With your analytics, you will receive answers to your questions quickly and digitally.
  • Involve relevant stakeholders: For example, by collecting the knowledge of your employees you can effectively use their experience and expertise.
  • Be digital: The web-based nature of analytics allows easy integration into existing processes and distribution to various participants and thereby a structured compilation and analysis of responses.
  • Benefit from our analytics portfolio: We will adapt our existing benchmarks and questions to you specific issues.
  • Be flexible: Your analytics can be customized for the number of participants, language, time period, number and type of questions as well as presentation of results.
  • Use the KPMG expertise: We have the right experts that we can involve as needed.

KPMG Business Analytics Tailored

Customizing existing business analytics or tailoring new developments to your needs provides you with the greatest possible flexibility for your analyses.

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Potential applications of our Business Analytics Tailored 

You would like to use existing analytics, but change certain parameters within it? No problem!Contact us for individual customization, gladly with a hint as to which analytics you would like to change by which parameters. You can find an overview here.

The following diagram shows you the range of services for the three types of business analytics: Free, Advanced and Tailored.


Select the preconfigured digital analyses from our business analytics that match your issues.

  • Free of charge as an individual
  • Summary of your individual results



Select the preconfigured digital analyses from our business analytics that match your issues.

  • Implementation with up to 20 additional participants
  • Access to results report in real time



Use the Tailored version to individually adapt our business analytics to your needs with regard to

  • language and tone
  • number and content of questions
  • number of participants
  • processing of results

Would you like to collect information from a range of participants? You may already have developed questionnaires to collect data within your organization, but would like to implement these digitally by saving resources in a more user-friendly manner including structured analysis in real time? We would be happy to provide support in creating professional surveys from your questionnaire content.

Feel free to contact us directly with initial key data on the number of questions, area of application and number of participants.


1. Survey


2. Report


Are you as passionate about the possibilities that digital analysis offers you and your organization as we are? We will support you with developing and implementing the right maturity level analyses for your personal challenges. We will supplement surveys with an individual taxonomy and scoring logic to obtain clear and comparable ratings from the responses automatically and in real time. The presentation of results can also be customized: Everything is possible – from graphically visualized dashboards to digital real-time results reports or processed raw data. Contact us to coordinate the next steps together.


1. Survey


2. Scoring

Scoring of three answers

3. Report including maturity level

Report including maturity level

Typical preparation process


The process presented in the following only serves as an example to provide you with an indication.

Just like our analytics, we can design this process together with your individually in accordance with your general conditions.



Contact request and initial contact

Leave your contact details under 'Request now' and we will get in touch with you.


Signing a contract

We will prepare a contract as discussed with you in terms of scope and effort, and forward it to you in digital form. We start performing services as soon as we have received your signed copy.


Content of your analysis

Based on the content provided by you and our additions (as required), your individual analysis will be generated. We will also discuss your requirements with regard to processing the results.


Preparation of analytics

We will process your content in our tool to generate a question-based analysis and a digital report of results. You can test the analysis via a demo link to initiate final adjustments.


Conducting your analyses

You will receive a final weblink from us that you can pass on to the participants via email or QR code for your analysis. You can view the aggregated answers, for example in real time in the results report.


Evaluation of your results

We will process the results as agreed and help you to interpret and evaluate them. We would also be very happy to assist you with any further steps and get you in touch with other KPMG experts.

How you can benefit from our tailored services


Customization of your digital analysis and evaluation of results

KPMG expertise

KPMG experts will support you with the analysis process

Expanding knowledge

Collecting the knowledge of relevant stakeholders through efficient use of resources