Future Readiness

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The Business Analytics Future Readiness examines four dimensions necessary for successfully mastering your readiness for the future:


Actor Potential

  • Personnel
  • Organizational Structures
  • Processes/ Workflows
  • Financial Situation
  • Innovation Capability
  • Product Portfolio/ Service Portfolio

Environment Sensitivity Industry (transactional)

  • Serving Customer Needs
  • Positioning in Competitive Environment
  • Threat of Substitutes/ Replacement Products
  • Supplier/ Supplier Network

Environment Sensitivity Global (Contextual)

  • Adaptation to Technological Progress/ Use of Innovative Technologies
  • Adaptation to Political/ Regulatory Changes
  • Adaptation to Global Economic Changes
  • Adaptation to Social Change
  • Adaptation to International Crises and Conflicts

Future Competence

  • Result Orientation
  • Personal Orientation
  • Task Orientation
  • Employee Orientation
  • Future Orientation

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Future-proofing is already being successfully developed and practiced as a planning approach in several industries (e.g. electronics, engineering, construction). In essence, future-proofing means that an architecture, of whatever kind, is planned and realized in such a way that it can basically be retained for as long as possible, even if requirements and components may change in the future. This analytics carries out an original transfer of the principles of future-proofing to an organization for the first time.

Use this Business Analytics to get an assessment of your organization’s future sustainability within a short time and derive from this assessment which focal points you can start on to make your organization significantly more robust for the future.

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