KPMG Valuation Data Source

Derive the cost of capital faster

The research and data preparation for deriving the cost of capital does not have to be a tedious process.

KPMG Valuation Data Source aggregates all key cost of capital parameters - including beta factor, credit spread. In just a few steps, the solution guides the user through the derivation of the individual weighted average cost of capital (WACC) or the cost of equity relevant for the financial sector: the user simply specifies the preferred reporting date, the desired country, the currency and the peer group and selects the desired settings e.g. a one-, two- or five-year betafactor for the calculations. Users can access the data calculated by KPMG at any time or incorporate their own values into the analysis. Since queries are saved automatically once they have been created, the calculation of the current cost of capital only requires the selection of the desired reporting date after the initial entry. The results can be downloaded and forwarded to the auditor together with the documentation.

The KPMG Valuation Data Source provides access to cost of capital parameters from more than 150 countries and peer group-specific data from over 13,500 companies worldwide. The cut-off dates range from 2012 to today. The interactive dashboard is updated monthly and is always available everywhere and at all times.


All the benefits at a glance

WACC at the click of a button

Direct WACC calculation and access to all relevant cost of capital parameters

Assured data quality and timeliness

Reliability and monthly updates of data ensured by KPMG experts

Currency selection

Option of selecting the cash flow currency

Individual peer group

Summary and storage option of own peer group from more than 11,000 companies worldwide

Excel download

Parameters available as Excel spreadsheet for download

Insights into the dashboard

Additional product information

Available parameters

  • WACC / Cost of Equity
  • Risk-free rate
  • Beta factor
    • Five-year-betafactor
    • Two-year-betafactor
    • One-year-betafactor
  • Credit spread
  • Market risk premium
  • Country risk premium
  • Inflation delta
  • Average tax rate
  • Selected exchange rates

Product versions at a glance

KPMG Valuation Data Source

Self Service

You receive independent access to all of the tool's functions.

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KPMG Valuation Data Source

Managed Service

In addition to access to the tool, we provide you with a personal advisor as your direct contact, who will conduct the cost of capital derivation for you according to your specifications. You also receive an executive summary.


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KPMG Valuation Data Source

Tailored Service

Besides access to the tool and a personal contact, we provide you with individual parameter derivations, background research and statistical assessment of the data.

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