Purchasing is responsible for strategic and operational procurement within the company. The efficient handling of strategic and operational processes is reflected in purchasing contracts.

Creating structured and standardised contracts from requirements and tenders is a time-consuming activity.

Keeping track of all contracts in terms of duration, budget utilisation and optimisations is a complex challenge.

The consistent use of contracts and negotiated conditions in orders is not always feasible.

Link your tender software to Coupa's contract management software and map physical contract creation using the software.

Access a library of standardised clauses and create your purchasing contracts digitally and workflow-based.

Conveniently manage contracts throughout their lifecycle and be reminded when contracts expire and need to be renewed.

Also, ensure end-to-end transparency and traceability with Coupa's contract management software by making contracts available in the P2P solution for operational procurement and achieving savings on your spend throughout the contract term.

In our demo, we will guide you through the process of the contract lifecycle. We start with the creation of a contract template, generate a request for a new purchasing contract and will process and digitally sign it together with the supplier.

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Digitized contract creation


Transparency about contracts

Saving potentials

Utilisation of savings potentials

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Contract Management

Contract Management

Structured analysis of the digitalization and maturity level's as-is situation in contract management.

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Manual: Contract Management with Coupa Contracts

Manual: Contract Management with Coupa Contracts

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Use Case Demo

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