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As a service provider, Purchasing aims to provide efficient and simple procurement processes for the company's stakeholders. It pursues the goal of controlling these processes efficiently and effectively.

The request and ordering processes are difficult to understand for the requestors.

Operational purchasing takes over a large number of (manual) activities in the process.

There is a lack of transparency about expenditure and procurement processes as well as central key figures for control.

With Coupa Procure-to-Pay, all these challenges can be overcome. The procurement software guides your staff through the entire purchasing process, showing preferred products and services and alerting them to the best products, suppliers and prices. With Coupa, you are able to compare items across all your suppliers. Speed up your approval process with email and mobile approvals. Everyone in the approval chain is able to check and approve the status of their order.

In addition, the P2P solution helps businesses streamline their invoice processing. With Coupa, you can automate all steps, from invoice capture, matching and exceptions to approvals and accruals. The entire process is handled electronically - for 100% accuracy.

In our demo, we will guide you through the entire P2P process. We start with a purchase requisition and the associated approval process. We will show you how the order is transmitted to the supplier and how an invoice is created via PO-Flip.

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Digitalisation and automation of purchasing processes


Transparency about procurement processes


Directive conformity

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Manual: Procurement with Coupa Procure-to-Pay

Manual: Procurement with Coupa Procure-to-Pay

With this manual get a first impression of what to expect from the use case demo.​

Use Case Demo

Use Case Demo

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