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Initial situation

Companies of all sizes are faced with increasing complexity in HR operations as the number of labor laws and regulations increases and the risk of penalties for non-compliance has risen immensely. In addition, end-to-end compliance with data protection laws plays a key role in document management and also poses significant risks for both employees and companies.

The ambition of all organizations is to minimize the operative compliance risk in the area of data, documents, processes and the communication of employees internally and externally. Incorrect organization results, among other problems, in duplication of work, non-compliance with legal requirements (e.g., retention / deletion periods) as well as legal risks and costs that can have existential consequences for companies (e.g., GDPR penalties). Furthermore, it is a challenge for organizations to ensure a transparent compliance experience for HR executives so that handling audits is easy and executed with little effort / stress to achieve positive results and avoid compliance risks. Similarly, it is a challenge to ensure that employees are always aware of and trained on current regulations.

KPMG solution: Consulting services based on a holistic compliance management approach. It includes risk identification and assessment as well as action management and defining compliance-process scenarios across all stages of the employee life cycle.

UKG solution (system-side): UKG Compliance-Assist, which comprises two services:

  1. Online portal: Information on country-specific HR compliance topics. Network of lawyers and compliance experts ensure relevance and legal compliance of content and information. Single point of contact for the entire organization (avoiding duplication & creating transparency).
  2. ComplianceWatch newsletter: subscribers receive information on changes and best practices to stay up to date on complex issues.
  3. Easy implementation of global compliance policies in UKG employee self-services, request management, document creation & management & workforce management.

Result: Compliance is systematically stored and automatically observed in HR processes, documents & communication (Compliance By Design)

  • Relevant and customer-specific policies can be easily stored and maintained in UKG systems 
  • User-friendly operation for HR audit experience (digital folders and areas can be made available in an uncomplicated way) (assurance for HR audit requirements)

Your benefits with our solution

Compliance By Design

Preparation of compliance requirements tailored to the customer's situation.

Simplifying the audit experience

Improved user experience and visibility for internal compliance teams.

Reduction of compliance incidents

Legal guidelines such as GDPR compliance are covered and compliance is ensured.

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In this video, you will now see a product presentation by our alliance partner UKG, whose compliance solution can be complemented in implementation with KPMG's holistic consulting services.

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