Contract Management with SAP Ariba Contracts

Contract Management with SAP Ariba Contracts

SAP Ariba provides enhanced contract authoring with drag-and-drop document imports, seamless editing, and simplified clause management. The enhanced contract authoring workflow provides a simplified, intuitive, platform-independent interface while eliminating many of the limitations inherent in the previous workflow without one single solution.

SAP Ariba’s cloud-based contract management solutions make it easy to collaborate on contracts with all stakeholders including internal groups and external partners. Combined with digital signature technologies, a fully digital authoring of contracts is possible. Companies reduce risk and drive cost savings by digitalising contracts and monitor their specific dates, volumes and other criteria within a dashboard including alert functionalities.

Within our demo we will guide you through the contract life cycle process starting with the requisition and approval of a new procurement-related contract. The contract is defined based on a clause library and the final agreement is defined in collaboration with the supplier including a digital signature.

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