KPMG Digital Services Tax Quick Check

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  • Free entry-level version
  • Monitoring thresholds
  • Up-to-date specialist information on digital services tax for selected countries
  • Continuous updates in line with the current legal situation

KPMG Digital Services Tax Quick Check – test version

Get a first impression of the Tax Direct Service Digital Services Tax. This test version gives you an overview of possible digital tax burdens.
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Digital services tax is gaining ground

There is still no uniform regulation, a series of countries have already introduced their own digital services tax. While the thresholds for the occurrence of a tax liability are still relatively high and tax rates relatively low, digital services tax presents challenges for many companies. The tax liability does not affect only digital groups and it is independent of the company's domicile. It therefore makes sense to deal with any effects at an early stage.

Keep track of the digital tax with KPMG

You can identify the relevant sales in the respective countries and monitor the respective applicable thresholds. In this way you have prompt and detailed information on rules and can initiate the required registrations in a timely manner and take account of expected additional costs due to digital services taxation in your price determination.

Details on the taxation of the digitalized economy can be found in KPMG’s flyer KPMG Digital Services Tax Quick Check, in KPMG’s Development Summary, on KPMG’s websites Taxation of the Digitalized Economy and Tax Challenges of Digitization.

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Your benefits with our solution


Overview of potential digital services taxation burdens in selected countries


Basic simulation of effects on different business models


Monitoring thresholds and tax payments


Up-to-date specialist information on digital services taxes in selected countries

Interesting facts

We are happy to discuss with you the results of your self-assessment using our tool and to develop together with you solutions and strategies (e.g. monitoring and mapping in the ERP system) that are customised to the needs of your company.

Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates or related entities.

Questions and answers

What are the system requirements for my company?

Free access to the Digital Services Tax Quick Check is via the cloud-based KPMG Digital Gateway platform. The KPMG Digital Gateway is accessible via a web browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge [Chromium]). Authorised users need to use the most up-to-date version of the browser for access to KPMG Digital Gateway. As with all internet-based products, technical factors, such as bandwidth, network configurations and browser settings, can affect the performance and accessibility of KPMG Digital Gateway. In addition, KPMG Digital Gateway requires two-factor authentication for authorised users, for which a mobile telephone is required.

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