International Business Traveler Compliance | Pay-Per-Use Solution

Our offer includes:

  • Onboarding workshop for the preparation and provision of the processes
  • Presentation of standard logic and thresholds
  • Discussion of the data gathering template and process for exchange of data
  • Execution of the respective assessments and the transmission of the results back to you

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Challenge: international employee mobility

International employee mobility confronts companies with major challenges with regard to complex regulations. Country-specific regulations in the areas of immigration/visas, social security, the EU Posting of Workers Directive and income tax are very complex and entail high risks for employees and companies. Non-compliance can lead to double taxation, refusal of entry or fines. In addition, compliance violations that become publicly known may result in damage to the company's reputation. 

KPMG provides you with one of the market leading software solutions for identifying, monitoring and evaluating business travel risks for the compliance areas of:

  • income tax
  • social security 
  • immigration  
  • EU registration

The tool can be used as a pay-per-use model – on a case-by-case and ah-hoc basis. 

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Your benefits with our solution


Efficient information management through minimal data queries and standardized processes


Case-based assessments of business trips can be used very quickly without complex and cost-intensive software implementation


Immediate initiation of actions to ensure compliance at any time


Reduction of own capacities by using the KPMG Pay-Per-Use Solution

Interesting facts

If you are having a risk assessment carried out by KPMG, you have the option to order additional services. These downstream services include A1 applications, EU registrations, visa applications or income tax returns. KPMG also offers detailed risk analyses that go even deeper into the subject matter. An analysis of historical business trip data can help identify the key destination countries, main reasons for travel (activities) and high-risk (groups of) employees. This allows for the identification of employee groups potentially at risk and advice on how to minimize operational compliance risks. Additionally, KPMG can analyze your ACTUAL processes and conceive the desired TARGET processes. This includes the development of solution options, recommendations for action and decision templates for your company.

In an initial onboarding workshop, we will discuss the details of the procedure and define the data exchange process.

Our service:

Onboarding workshop
One-time fee of EUR 4,500 net

Fee per trip assessment (for identifying, monitoring and evaluating business travel risks) within one contract year 
Trip 1 - 100: EUR 190 net each
Trip 101 - 250: EUR 145 net each
Trip >250: EUR 90 net each 

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