V.I.S. – Verification of VAT Identification Numbers (VAT-ID-No)

Our offer includes:

  • Monitor VAT IDs
  • Validation of customer address and corresponding VAT ID
  • Quick address data update
  • V.I.S. enables documentation and archiving of the official confirmation (documentary proof by the received data file)

V.I.S. – demo showcase

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In the past a correct VAT-ID-No was only a conventional prerequisite for intracommunity supplies. In practice businesses often checked and verified the VAT-Id.No. only once when the client data base is recorded for the for the first time. Due to the changes as of January 2020 the tax exemption of intracommunity supplies is in that cases highly at risk. If a wrong VAT-ID-No is detected only after years high VAT payments and penalties may occur. A regular check of VAT-ID-No of business partner is therefore of utmost importance. 

Our solution: our Value Added Tax Identification Number Information System (V.I.S.) To avoid that minor mistakes become extremely expensive, V.I.S. verifies VAT-ID-No. and helps to correct invalid address data. Furthermore, V.I.S. supports based on the data base of the German Federal Office for Tax (BZSt) and the European MIAS   to keep your customer base data actual regarding your VAT-ID.No. and correspondingly helps with a frictionless tax planning and handling. With the new repository function the received data files of the BZSt can be stored and kept as proof for the tax exemption of your intracommunity supplies.

Your benefits



Early warning system for invalid VAT-ID-No. and incorrect resp. incomplete address data


Quick and comfortable verification of your customer base data with respect to stored VAT-ID-No and address data


Detailed information about the incorrect part of the address data


Providing of the correct registration address data


Clearly structured status column (red, yellow, green)


V.I.S. is based on Microsoft Excel and requires no software installation


No login at online portal providers necessary


Legally secure archiving of the results


Easy search for results in the archive (e.g. in case of a tax audit)


Multilingual (German/English)


Individually adjustable start delay / overnight batch run possible


Verification of the address data of the German USt-IdNr. via FON (registration required)

Interesting facts

Instructions on the application of V.I.S.

The V.I.S. application is based on Microsoft Excel and can therefore only be used in conjunction with Microsoft Excel. It is therefore not a stand-alone software. In order to perform a query at the BZSt, a valid German VAT ID number is required as an access requirement.

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Questions and answers

Which companies are particularly affected?
  • All companies with deliveries within the EU and from 2010, that render cross-border (EU) services
  • Companies with an extensive customer base
  • Companies with a constantly changing customer base

Each entrepreneur is required to verify the correctness of the VAT ID number in compliance with due diligence of a prudent business person. Especially due to the mounting corporate insolvencies, there is a risk of a 19 percent margin loss. In practice, the VAT ID number and the corresponding address data are currently usually entered individually and manually on the website of the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt). Therfore, address errors oftentimes lead to insufficient query results. Manual amandments of the costumer base lead to an excessive work effort. Tax departments are frequently not able to assess the latent VAT risk.

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